Pavers make a fantastic addition to most areas. They provide both a modern yet classic touch to an area all the while being sturdy and durable. However, the most important factor for the stability of the stones is actually what goes under it. Paving sand in Perth is crucially important to keep your pavers in […]

What’s Causing Your Ceiling Damage?

Written by : webmaster 09 Dec 2019

Has your ceiling affected by water damage but you don’t know why? Perth Ceiling Repairs are the top ceiling contractors in Perth. If you need plasterboard ceiling repair, you will find no better service. They provide professional and innovative solutions for your ceiling issues and complete all tasks swiftly and tidily. Not to mention the […]

Common Mistakes For Plaster Ceiling Repair

Written by : webmaster 29 Nov 2019

When you see that crack in the ceiling, it can be tempting to try and fix it yourself. There are many common mistakes that people make when attempting plaster ceiling repairs. Getting in professionals like Southern Ceiling Repairs in to look at your ceiling is usually a good idea but if you’d still like to […]

What’s Causing Your Ceiling Damage

Written by : webmaster 19 Nov 2019

When you find your ceiling damaged you need to know why. Damage varies in urgency, from water damage to aging so it’s important to figure out the core issue. With any issue affecting our home we want to get the best people in to deal with it, For professional Perth ceiling repairs contact Perth Ceiling […]

When to Call an Expert for Plaster Ceiling Repair

Written by : webmaster 21 Oct 2019

Plasterboard ceiling is made by incorporating gypsum, with fibre that hold the board with each other. Plasterboard ceilings generally come in a standard dimension of 4ft x 6ft. These are lifted into place, and smaller items are cut to fit the sides of the ceiling known as cornicing. Aside from simply concealing unattractive cables, incorrect […]

Acrylic VS Glass - Who Wins?

Written by : dynamik 01 Apr 2019

Have you swapped glass for Acrylic Sheet yet? Do you know what all the fuss is about? Want to know why Acrylic Sheet is giving glass a run for its money? Let the experts in acrylic sheet Perth fill you in! If you have any glass products in your home such as mirrors, display cabinets, […]

You like everything about your home except for the bathroom. What was going through the mind of your home’s previous owners when they settled on an avocado coloured bathroom suite with matching wall tiles and that ridiculous floor lino?  Of course, you would love to give your bathroom that really glam look that screams out […]

We have all been there. The formidable drip, drip of a leaking ceiling. The first thing we do is put a bucket under the leak to collect the water and hope the ceiling doesn’t cave in. It was probably the storm and hopefully, it will stop, right?  However, ignoring the need for a ceiling leaking […]

The kitchen is the heart of any home. A space for conjuring up delicious meals for the family to share, entertaining friends or a place of comfort and stress relief. For many it is the most important room in the house and naturally you want it to look great and be functional. However if your […]

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