Your Ideal Choice for Mini Skip Bin Hire in Perth

Mini Skip Bin Hire

Want the most economical skip bin option? Using a mini skip bin in Perth is the smartest way to get rid of your waste. Mini skips are high quality bins that hold a lot of waste but at a fraction of the price of a regular skip bin. This makes them perfect for a wide range of residential uses including garage cleanouts, garden tidy ups and general refurbishments. For the best mini skip bins around at the lowest prices check out Greedy Bins. They provide nothing but quality, with unbeatable customer service and high-grade bins. So, they truly are the ideal choice for your mini skip needs.

 Use Mini Skip Bins for the Following

Despite being small, a mini skip can be used for a wide range of uses and is a very useful tool to remove numerous waste types including the following:

Garden waste

Mini skip bins are a fantastic choice for getting rid of your green waste. Unless you are doing an extensive garden clean up or cutting down trees, you usually won’t need a very large skip bin. Grass clippings, branches, twigs, dead leaves among other things can easily find a place in a smaller sized bin

Household waste

If you’re doing a spring clean or a small refurbishment a mini skip might be just the size that you need. Perfect for old and unwanted toys and clothes or even old devices like televisions.

Event waste

Hosting events can be a hassle but dealing with the rubbish doesn’t have to be. No matter if it’s a party, school event or a company event, you’re bound to have a bunch of rubbish that a mini skip will perfectly manage. Plus, all the bins will be easily taken away making the waste removal process much simpler

What you can’t place inside our Mini Skip Bins

As mentioned above, mini skip bins are perfect for a wide range of waste types including residential waste, renovation rubbish and green waste among other types. However, there are things which can’t go into Perth bin hire. Some such items include hazardous and toxic materials, wet paint, asbestos, batteries, soil, oils and large stumps. Mattresses can be placed in the bins but only if you make a special arrangement.

Ideal Choice for Mini Skip Bin Hire in Perth

Mini skip bins also have another great benefit. They are cheaper that other skip bin sizes. Thus, only using mini skips allows a company to keep the prices down. So, for cheap skip bins guaranteed choose Greedy Bins. Their low prices do not come at the expense of superior customer service and bin quality. Greedy Bins are the best mini skip bin hire in Perth so check out their website or give them a call on 0419 760 174.