Acrylic VS Glass - Who Wins?

Have you swapped glass for Acrylic Sheet yet? Do you know what all the fuss is about? Want to know why Acrylic Sheet is giving glass a run for its money? Let the experts in acrylic sheet Perth fill you in!

If you have any glass products in your home such as mirrors, display cabinets, vases or artwork, you know for nerve wracking it can be to move them, to clean them and to protect them. They look amazing but can cost a fortune and uses are limited. That is why more and more people are looking at glass alternatives and the number one is acrylic sheet (otherwise known as perspex sheet).

Acrylic sheet Perth is doing big business not only for items in the home, but also commercially and industrially.  Both acrylic and glass have distinctive advantages and frequently it can be difficult to know where one is a lot more valuable than the other. For many applications, acrylic is the better selection and below are several benefits if you want to buy acrylic sheets over the typical glass.


The lightweight of acrylic is one of the reasons it's such a preferred choice to glass in a variety of applications, such as glazing and roof covering. Glass is much denser, larger and harder to handle than acrylic. Acrylic actually weighs less than half that of glass, meaning it is favourable for DIY projects.


In terms of insulation, acrylic is a highly efficient product. Acrylic is 20 percent extra reliable than glass in reducing temperature change, helping to manage temperature and reduces home heating costs.


Acrylic sheet is less fragile than glass and shatterproof. It is therefore often used by many public authorities or companies which see high levels of public traffic, as  a safer and more secure alternative to glass. When mounted in huge sheets, acrylic is extra tolerant to stress and will flex as opposed to break, so it's a far safer product to work with and ideal for mirrors or display, shelving or design features in play centres, schools, hospitals and changing rooms.


Acrylic uses the same clearness as optical glass, yet it allows more light in while still removing ultraviolet light. Panes of glass glazing can start to look cloudy or milky when it reaches a certain density which restricts light. In contrast, acrylic does not create this quality when thicker sheets are used.


Since it's harder than glass, it stands to reason that acrylic sheets will be more robust and sturdy in most applications as well. Glass is unbelievably vulnerable, even when bought in thicker panes, along with being dangerous. Acrylic is weather immune, offering up to two decades of usage without damage or wear and tear in all climate condition. This is a wonderful advantage when wanting to make use of acrylic sheets for glazing or exterior projects.


Acrylic is a cost-effective option over glass. When coupled with the advantages that acrylic has over glass, it's simple to see why numerous people are opting to use plastics as opposed to glass and if you want to see the full benefits of acrylic sheets yourself, why not contact the leaders Acrylic Sheet Sales. They are local, reputable, knowledgable and always on hand to answer any questions or offer any advice on acrylic sheet Perth.

Acrylic Sheet Sales has a wide variety of colours and sizes to choose from and their in-house fabrication service and quick turnaround times, means you get what you want, when you want it. Mirrors, school projects, shelving, display cabinets, artwork, lighting, kitchen splash backs, decorative screens, signage, you name it you can get it.