Tired of that Salmon Pink Bathtub? Call Bathroom Resurfacing

You like everything about your home except for the bathroom. What was going through the mind of your home’s previous owners when they settled on an avocado coloured bathroom suite with matching wall tiles and that ridiculous floor lino?  Of course, you would love to give your bathroom that really glam look that screams out elegance and luxury. But then again, the price tag for that bathroom makeover screams out expensive!!! So how about undertaking a resurfacing bathroom project? I mean, it can’t be that hard can it?

Well you can do it yourself. You will certainly get results but as with all things, what may look nice and simple rarely is. Spending the money on buying specialist tile paint and associated templates, and then your time and elbow grease may result in a relatively satisfying outcome, but if you take a closer look, you'll see that what appears like a smooth surface area from a distance is truly dimpled and unequal. Now imagine this type of surface on a hard, shiny tub and you can begin to envision what catastrophe awaits you if you attempt sink and bathtub resurfacing without seeking professional help.

But what about the cost of resurfacing bathroom? Well the price of resurfacing bathroom is a quarter of the price of a new bathroom renovation. Plus you’ll save money on things like a skip hire for your old bathroom, the cost of removing your old bathroom and the cost of the electrician and plumber for installing your new bathroom.  You can have your cabinets, vanity unit, tiles, bathroom, shower unit, flooring and splash backs resurfaced. Even better, the specialist can be in and out in a matter of hours and not days! And with the money you save, you can splash out on all those little extras to give your bathroom that real luxe look!

Not only that, but when you have your bathroom resurfacing done by a specialist, the work will be fully insured and include a service warranty, a guarantee period and a look that will easily last 15 years.

So who you gonna call? Well when I had had enough of my retro 70’s bathroom, I decided to save myself some money and call in a resurfacing bathroom specialist instead of going all out and renovating. I mean, I just didn’t want to spend my entire savings on a bathroom when there are holidays to be had!

So I asked around and the one name that kept on popping up was Bathroom Resurfacing. Recommended by so many people, their reputation as a reputable, reliable and experienced bathroom resurfacing company is second-to-none!

A WA owned and operated family business, you can save 80% of what would normally cost of  renovating a bathroom. You can choose from 800 colour combinations. The person you consult with book the job with, is the same person who comes to do it and the entire job will be completed in one day. (Oh and they do kitchen resurfacing too!)