What’s Causing Your Ceiling Damage

When you find your ceiling damaged you need to know why. Damage varies in urgency, from water damage to aging so it’s important to figure out the core issue. With any issue affecting our home we want to get the best people in to deal with it, For professional Perth ceiling repairs contact Perth Ceiling and Walls today.

Ceiling Repairs in Perth

Water Damage

Water damage is a prime issue when dealing with ceilings. If you don’t take action swiftly a water damaged ceiling can find itself structurally weakening and experiencing unhealthy mould growth. It doesn’t matter what its made of there is no material that is completely resistant to water damage. This is why it is important to take action as soon as you notice something off.


Signs of Ceiling Damage

There are numerous ways to identify potential ceiling damage including:

  1. Ceiling cracks - These can vary considerably forming anything from long straight lines to stair shapes or spiderwebs.
  2. Ceiling stains - These can come in a wide variety of different colours which are especially noticeable on a white ceiling.
  3. Bowed ceiling - Ceilings are usually supposed to be straight so when you find your ceiling drooping you know something isn’t quite right.
  4. Peeling paint - A ceiling paint job can last for many years. So if your paint seems to be cracking and peeling prematurely that may be a problem.


What Causes Ceiling Water Damage?

Water Leaks

Stains, sagging and peeling paint are usually caused by water on top of the ceiling drywall. This can be caused by a variety of issues including broken pipes, clogged gutters or dodgy shower fittings. It’s important to first find the culprit and get that fixed before starting ceiling repairs.

Excessive Moisture

Water damage isn’t just caused by leaks. Damage can also be caused by having excessive humidity or dampness. Rooms like kitchens and bathrooms are especially prone to this. This can be avoided by using proper ventilation to avoid condensation.

What are Other Causes of Ceiling Damage?

Structural Issues

Water is not the only thing that can damage your ceilings. Cracks can often be a sign that there are some structural issues at play. If you see your ceiling begin to crack and dip it’s a good idea to get your home inspected to avoid larger problems.


The older something gets, the more likely it is to wear down a little. Cracks are often just the houses wrinkles, indicated in short hairline or spiderweb cracks. You may wish to get them fixed for aesthetic reasons but otherwise these cracks are relatively harmless.

Water damage ceiling repair in Perth

If you think you might have water damage in Perth ceiling repairs are not far away.  Perth Ceiling and Walls are a professional service that will swiftly locate the source of the problem and will fix all the necessary aspects. So for premium Perth ceiling repairs contact Perth Ceiling and Walls today.